Mardi Gras

I just arrived from the Mardi Gras party at fox studios in Sydney. It was so cool. 30,000 people. Last time I counted there were 4 different dance floor. And the most amazing thing happened… well let me tell the whole story.. I was sitting on some bleachers amazed by the music and the like 15 lasers that were dancing around when some people sit to my left. I smile to a girl that sits next to me. They stay there for a few minutes and from the corner of my eye I feel that someone from that group is staring. After a few they left but someone stays, and I start feeling getting stared at, from the corner of my eye I see a girl, and I was so into the music that didn’t wanted to be bothered. More and more stares, she pulls some cigarettes and asks me for a light, finally I see her directly and OMG it’s not a girl, it’s the most gorgeous boy ever, dirty blond hair, green eyes, artsy look, perfect height (short like me), and the most gorgeous smile, I look at him and I say “no, i’m sorry”, when I look away, I think “this boy is gorgeous, and he talked to me”, I look around to see if there is anyone smoking, but there is none, I look at him and he’s staring at me, right into my eyes, I smile and he smiles back, I look away and look at him again. I get close to him and say, you’re gorgeous, he says “you’re gorgeous too”. I look away and look back at him and he’s still staring, and I say you have the most beautiful smile, and we kiss, I was almost fainting. His lips were so sweet, I was being picked up by a guy no a boy that looked like 16. I asked him do you want to go out because I wanted to see him In the light just To be sure that I was not making a mistake. We goto tU light- and there were the most beautiful green eyes .


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