6:30 PM
We arrive in Sydney. We went directly to Dave’s home. This REALLY cute friend of my roomie. It’s a very neat place were we’re staying, very nicely decorated with whites, leather, and tech gadgets. Dave owns a dog, and he seems to care about him a lot, a beatiful french mastif. This sets him high on my cool guys ranking, well that and the fact that he’s cute. We went walking down Oxforf street, where all the gay clubs and cafes are. Everyone wanted to touch the dog. We sat and had a very fried/battered dinner. I was enjoying the conversation, what striked me the most was that Dave mentioned that he would like to work promoting dogs rights, that was so interesting. We tried to find a place were we all could sit and had a coffee but Dave and his dog went back home. My roomie and I ended up going to a disco/bar thing, :S ssdd.. I got tired of it pretty fast, I went out for some air. The line to go back in was huge, so I decided to go back to the house to get my cellphone to call my roomie and tell him I can’t get back in. I come, I find Dave, he’s laying on a couch playing with his tablet pc. We talked about computers for a bit, he says he would like to check my pocket pc. I sms my roomie, he calls me back, asks me to meet him at another club. I would’ve wanted to stay and chat, I don’t dig clubs.. I like to talk, exchange ideas, with one person at at time, that’s as much as I can handle. Wish someday I could be at ease, be relaxed, will probably never happen.

I go back to the club. My cellphone rings. WTF, I don’t know anyone.. who the fuck calls me. It’s tomie, this guy I met online, he’s from sydney and I gave him my cellphone a lwhile ago, I never thought he would call, I was weirded out, awkward and nervous, why I feel this, I can’t cope with anything whatsoever, every little thing that happens sends stress to me.

Tomie seems nice, a lil bit weird, but we all are, he says I look younger than in the pics. I tried to be at ease, but I felt weirder by the minute, I think the lights, the smoke, the amount of people, affects me very much, I could’t breath. I needed to go out to catch some fresh air.

It’s 1:30 am, I’m ready to head back home. I’m feeling more uncomfy by the second, I can’t make conversation. I’m very very very strange… I’m sleepy see ya..

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