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This is one of the most recent pictures I’ve got. I don’t look too bad. My hair is a lot longer now.. I love the feeling of long hair, although it’s very hard to keep tidy, and well.. I don’t spend too much time taking care of it.

I haven’t been posting at all here.. I guess I don’t feel like I got anything to say .. not much is going on in my life. In a little more than a month I will be moving back to Venezuela, mainly cause I can’t stand living with my friend anymore, maybe it’s not his fault, maybe it’s me . maybe I’ve gotten so used to be alone that I can’t interact with people anymore.. and you know what .. I don’t care.. 😀 . But yeah.. I’ve cut my trip short, not staying until june but going back y the end of march. Now I have to deal with arriving in a country that I don’t know anyone and I don’t have a place where to stay.. I guess I’ll be staying in a hotel for a couple of weeks until I find an apartment that I like.. I just don’t feel like spending US$60 (at least) a day for a crappy room when I could be spending that on the apartment’s rent.

I’m much better of the ear infection I had, I had a lot of pain one night, but it was alright, pain is kinda bearable when it’s only physical.


  1. Dude your picture doesn’t look bad at all as you are a hottie and as for not having anything to say I think there’s lots to say but you just choose not too. I miss reading your journal though and I wish you would write more if that inspires you at all.

  2. Hugs, thanks for the thoughts.. sorry bout what happened your valentines.. I bet you’ll have a wonderful one soon .. and when that one comes you’ll remember this one and laugh.. his loss !


  3. Actually my Valentine’s wasn’t bad because I love the holiday and honor it but it was Brendon that was but anyways that’s all history now and I’ve gained the wonderful knowledge of closure. Thank you for your comments. They mean a lot to me because I’m a hopeless romantic who is always in search of love and it’s really quite comforting when friends tell you they believe you’ll find someone someday. Hugs.

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