Am I doing something wrong ?

[11:39] Roelo: morning
[11:39] ⁿ: hellooooo w
[11:39] Roelo: i knocked my fingers off this morning
[11:39] Roelo: to be polite
[11:39] ⁿ: how many you have left ?
[11:39] Roelo: and ask please
[11:39] Roelo: not funny
[11:39] ⁿ: *giggles*
[11:40] ⁿ: what do you mean that you knocked your fingers off ?
[11:40] Roelo: on your door
[11:40] Roelo: did exactly how you instructed
[11:40] ⁿ: really ?.. I didn’t heard.. I heard you talking though
[11:40] Roelo: and you did not help
[11:40] ⁿ: at what time ?.. I was awake before 9
[11:41] Roelo: also because you goto bed too late you really exhausting your body clock. i went to loo at 430am and you were still awake
[11:41] Roelo: yeah you were awake maybe 8:55am
[11:41] Roelo: I knocked at about 8:35
[11:41] Roelo: and 8:40
[11:41] Roelo: and 8:45
[11:41] Roelo: its ok
[11:41] Roelo: I just want to point it out
[11:42] ⁿ: can’t be okay if your pointing it out
[11:42] Roelo: I wont ask again
[11:42] Roelo: no you said i should be able to reckon on you for help when i need it
[11:42] Roelo: and that if i was nice about it you dont mind
[11:42] Roelo: well it did not work so i dunno what will work
[11:42] ⁿ: yeah, of course .. and I stand by that
[11:43] Roelo: well you did not respons
[11:43] Roelo: no point of me trying anymore
[11:43] Roelo: :s
[11:43] ⁿ: I didn’t heard you knock, sorry
[11:43] ⁿ: What you needed ?
[11:43] Roelo: i woke up the others knocking
[11:43] Roelo: to bring me to work it was pissing down
[11:44] Roelo: i even sent a text to your mobile in the hope that noise will wake you
[11:44] Roelo: :s
[11:44] Roelo: its because you goto bed too late
[11:44] Roelo: but that is your life
[11:44] ⁿ: weird, I didn’t woke up. usually I wake up
[11:45] Roelo: i dunno why i am upset. i try so hard
[11:45] Roelo: i did everything to your book
[11:45] ⁿ: why are you upset ? I don’t understand
[11:46] Roelo: because i can not reckon on you for anything
[11:46] Roelo: i can just as well be alone
[11:46] Roelo: then i would not even need to knock on a door for help from friend
[11:46] ⁿ: I’m sorry to hear that..
[11:46] Roelo: now you understand the distance
[11:47] ⁿ: So you think it’s my fault that I didn’t listen to you knock on my door ?
[11:47] Roelo: vicus offered to bring me in…. that is the difference
[11:47] Roelo: yes
[11:47] Roelo: because you were exhausted
[11:47] Roelo: you body clock in tired
[11:47] ⁿ: I was sleeping, like I usually do at that time
[11:48] Roelo: yes but if you went to bed earlier
[11:48] Roelo: you would have been more alert
[11:48] Roelo: ie. not in a coma
[11:48] Roelo: nevermind luis i dont want to talk about this anymore.
[11:49] ⁿ: okay, as you wish
[11:49] Roelo: i will just not ask again
[11:49] Roelo: or expect as uch
[11:49] Roelo: much
[11:49] Roelo: and RELAX
[11:50] Roelo: the guys still there?
[11:50] ⁿ: well. I hope I do something good today
[11:50] ⁿ: no, they left a while ago
[11:50] Roelo: do something good?
[11:51] ⁿ: as most of everything I do is wrong in your eyes
[11:51] Roelo: dont be afraid of me,,,, i have no hope for you so doing anything will be good. 🙂
[11:51] Roelo: its what you dont do
[11:51] Roelo: you scared
[11:51] ⁿ: expectations.. not hope
[11:52] Roelo: no I have lost hope
[11:52] Roelo: expectations is just a small part of hope

[11:52] Roelo: I just wanted to show you that you can not keep to things you said i should try with you
[11:52] Roelo: i think that is what i meant
[11:52] Roelo: that i did like you say i should
[11:52] Roelo: and not even that worked
[11:53] Roelo: even tried 3 times
[11:53] Roelo: i am saying inspect why you slept in 😉
[11:53] Roelo: and why you were so exhausted
[11:53] ⁿ: because I went to bed late?
[11:54] Roelo: i had the self dicipline to go to bed because i knew i had stuff to do in morning

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