Soo.. my life sucks.. again

Yay…… Sweet.

So… My life sucks..

Let’s see.. What I did the last couple of months. Well I moved from Melbourne to Brisbane. Partly to make Roelo happy and to sorta be with him, cause he thought it was a good idea, and also to sorta to help make a solid background if I ever need to apply for interdependent visa.

why it’s not working so far?

well.. Roelo has been getting mad at me all the time.. why? well.. let’s see.. I don’t know.. something about me not being… very sociable? I’! not sure.. I’ll have to ask ..

Chris is totally pissed at me.. He felt used and now that I left Melbourne he’s all broken hearted . I keep trying to explain that I moved for my own good..but.. is it really?

Well, I don’t know anymore.. I really can’t deal with people anymore. I don’t get upset ever, cause I just try to understand people and their feelings, but seems like people want me to change all radically to please them, and they can’t see that I can’t even please myself?

I guess I’m inconsiderate, like Roelo said.. so..what now? do i have not to be or what? :S damn.. I wanna run away.

Living by myself away from everybody was the best experience I’ve ever had in my life.


  1. I’ve had a similar experience before.
    I got as comfortable as I could with myself and I refuse to change for anyone. If someone tries to change who you are then they are not someone I would want to hang with.

  2. I agree with Stepen – don’t put up with people trying to change who you are.

    See what motivates them. If it’s healthy, good. If it’s unhealthy, then talk with them about it. If you can’t come to a compromise, then you’ll need to make changes in your life accordingly.

    I’m sorry things are not so good down there. 🙁

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