I wish I was a dingo,
to roam free from the tie downs of society,
the be real and act on my own will and not just of fear,
a lonely dingo i wish to be,
to be free from judgement,
to focus on what matters,
to be able to walk away and leave behind what’s not worth it,
to be majestically beautiful,
while not caring about beauty,
to not have hangups about sex,
but just spread my seed happily and instinctively.

I wish I was a dingo,
to not worry about material things,
to not worry about money,
and to have always a place were to sleep under the stars,
to have a furry coat that protects me from the cold,
and a soft tongue that helps me keep cool.

But above all I wish I was a dingo,
to be able to lick my dick.

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