[11:25] Chris: babes!!!
[11:25] Chris: *mwah*
[11:25] Chris: ive gotta go out now
[11:25] ⁿ: Yay !
[11:25] ⁿ: gooooooood
[11:25] ⁿ: have fun
[11:25] ⁿ: and enjoy
[11:25] Chris: i love you heaps and tons of stacks of mounds of lots

Today in the life of ..

So far today,

I procastrinated applying for my extension of my tourist visa in Australia,
I troubleshooted my avermedia TV capture software, with not very successful results
I ate a huge bar of chocolate, no wonder I have a sagging bum I’m HOT
I finally got my gmail account to work with POP3, I was using a POP3 Middleman but thanks to who reminded me that gmail activated pop3 I got it fixed and now i don’t need to run extra software
I chatted with Peter, it’s been a while, he’s sorta upset with me, but I’m not really sure I care.. I rather have him distant and nice than close and annoying


Started watching Los Novios Búlgaros

I’ve been chatting with most of the day.

Another day .. another post

Today .. I ..

WTF I did today ?.. mmm.. I know I finally went out .. like for 45 mins to buy some lollies,

And I intalled drivers for my TV tuner, which doesn’t work in Australia cause they use PAL in here. But still I like drivers.
I played some more with cfosspeed, making filters and such. So it doesn’t slow me browsing even if my azureus is going full speed.
I installed Traybar, to have easy access from the icontray for some programs.

I finished downloading Battle Royale, I’m so excited I really wanna see this movie, I’ll wait until this weekend when Chris comes for a visit.

I played Half Life 2 some, damn.. I was sooo advanced in the game but due to hard drive crash a few weeks ago I lost all the saved games.

My back hurts a lil.. from sitting down so much.. i am on front of the pc like 16 hours a day … that’s WAY too much.I should cut it off… I mean.. I like it.. but.. I don’t know.. like.. what else is there to do ?.. I don’t do sports, I don’t have many friends here… and I can’t keep a real life friendship anymore anyways..

Tomorrow I should must go to get my visa extension, and on monday to get my US tourist visa renewed.

I’m also trying to find some software to use the remote control with my pc.. so I can use more functions of the remote control when I watch movies from bed


Damn.. I was writing about what I did today and my computer gave me a BSOD.

This morning I was troubleshooting my aDSL, task that I was doing since last night. I ended up clearing all TCP registry entries with “netsh interface ip reset resetlog.txt” .. I got a lil bit frustrated about the speed of my connection so I decided to test it with my DSL It was spiky as well.

So I just decided to fuck everything, and ended up playing with DSL in my main lappy. I figured how to get apt-get to run.

apt-get update

I modified the /etc/apt/sources.list to be able to download testing packages.
and I installed the latest testing GAIM version

apt-get install gaim/testing

Also I’ve been posting to this thread about the speed of my ISP.

Chris messaged me a lot today, I was most of the day offline though.. cause of all of the testing so he SMSed me.

More Tech…

Today I,

  • Burnt a couple linux distros, pdl and latest dsl.

  • got to download the drivers for the rtl8180 from my mp3 player to the dsl linux laptop.

  • tried to figure out why my old laptop was freezing, first I thought it was the rtl8180 but i realized it might be heat cause it was doing it in both OSs.

  • The old 4GB hard drive magically started working, although has a bunch of bad sectors.

  • Played with icons, that was short lived.

  • Spent a LOT of time trying to find a linux distro that had the rtl8180 drivers to autoboot, maybe pdl does it but haven’t been able to get it to work.

  • Tried to fix my semi-broken but REALLY good anti-spam program. SpamBully


  • The house of the flying daggers

Entertainment weekly.. or what the fuck I’ve done in the last two days.

Well since I’m a geek and I have nothing better to do, I thought it would be a good idea if I always make a note of cool software I’ve tried lately.


  • Wildpackets Airopeek NX : Wireless network scanner
  • Wildpackets Etherpeek NX : Ethernet packet sniffer
  • CfosSpeed : Traffic Shaper
  • Trillian 3.0 : IM
  • Peter’s XML Editor
  • DSL : Damn Small Linux (nice, only 50Megs, perfect for my old lappy, CDLIVE)

Things I’ve troubleshooted,

  • Realtek RTL8180 Chipset : Drivers for Windows/Linux (ndiswrapper was the best solution), Airopeek NX drivers
  • CfosSpeed: Omg, what a good program !!, but it’s NOT user friendly AT all
  • Connected both laptops together thru 802.11b/ad-hoc to share the connection, used SMB to download the windows drivers to linux and run them from linux using the ndiswrapper.
  • Opened the cheap 802.11b card and tried to install an external antenna.

Movies I’ve seen,

  • The eternal sunshine of the spotless mind : Wierd, very weird and sorta good.
  • La Gran aventura de Mortadelo y Filemón : From spanish cartoons, GOOD !
  • One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest : 70’s movie about a bedlam, good, I bet it cause a lot of controversy back then.

TV series,

  • The Father of the pride

Games I’ve played,

  • Half Life 2
  • Need for Speed Underground
  • World of Warcraft.

From my friend Chris..

When I’m with you,

I want to cry

When you hug me

I want to die


When you hold me

I feel safe

When I look into your eyes

I dream the day’s goodbye


When I talk

You Listen


When I cry

You shoulder is there

When I fall down

I know you’ll be there to pick me up

When I’m away from you

I can’t wait till I see you again

When my heart aches

You there to make it better


When we sleep

I feel special



I know we’re friends

And I want to thank you for that

And I hope we can be together

For ever


I want to say that I love you Luis

And I want to thank you for coming into my life.


Love you always and forever