Another day .. another post

Today .. I ..

WTF I did today ?.. mmm.. I know I finally went out .. like for 45 mins to buy some lollies,

And I intalled drivers for my TV tuner, which doesn’t work in Australia cause they use PAL in here. But still I like drivers.
I played some more with cfosspeed, making filters and such. So it doesn’t slow me browsing even if my azureus is going full speed.
I installed Traybar, to have easy access from the icontray for some programs.

I finished downloading Battle Royale, I’m so excited I really wanna see this movie, I’ll wait until this weekend when Chris comes for a visit.

I played Half Life 2 some, damn.. I was sooo advanced in the game but due to hard drive crash a few weeks ago I lost all the saved games.

My back hurts a lil.. from sitting down so much.. i am on front of the pc like 16 hours a day … that’s WAY too much.I should cut it off… I mean.. I like it.. but.. I don’t know.. like.. what else is there to do ?.. I don’t do sports, I don’t have many friends here… and I can’t keep a real life friendship anymore anyways..

Tomorrow I should must go to get my visa extension, and on monday to get my US tourist visa renewed.

I’m also trying to find some software to use the remote control with my pc.. so I can use more functions of the remote control when I watch movies from bed

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