More Tech…

Today I,

  • Burnt a couple linux distros, pdl and latest dsl.

  • got to download the drivers for the rtl8180 from my mp3 player to the dsl linux laptop.

  • tried to figure out why my old laptop was freezing, first I thought it was the rtl8180 but i realized it might be heat cause it was doing it in both OSs.

  • The old 4GB hard drive magically started working, although has a bunch of bad sectors.

  • Played with icons, that was short lived.

  • Spent a LOT of time trying to find a linux distro that had the rtl8180 drivers to autoboot, maybe pdl does it but haven’t been able to get it to work.

  • Tried to fix my semi-broken but REALLY good anti-spam program. SpamBully


  • The house of the flying daggers


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