Here are the results of the hair test where they show the levels of mercury I had in my hair.


  1. Hello – found you through the ISTP listing. I’ve been reading a book called Ultraprevention and it lists many tests to have completed. One was this hair test. Where did you have it done? Can it be done by mail? Cost etc.

    I’ve been concerned about some health issues and one thing I read about was dental fillings, silver etc.

  2. Hi, seems that historically the best place where to have the test done is a laboratory called Doctor’s Data Inc (DDI). Although they don’t deal directly with the public only with doctors, there are plenty of sites around run by doctors that will send you the DDI package and after you ship them your hair sample they will forward it to DDI and once they get the results forward them to you. I’ve seen online prices ranging from $40 to more than $150, but in the end they are the same, although sometimes the for cheaper prices you have to wait until they collect enough hair tests because they do them in batch.

    What health concerns are you dealing with ?

  3. hey – thanks for the info. as for my health issues – it’s mostly intestinal, allergies/intolerances to lots of foods, stomach cramps, sensitivity to scents, skin breakouts.

    It seems my “allergies” to foods have increased. Nuts, soy, dairy, most grains especially including wheat/barley/oats/gluten, rice, corn, fish, eggs, tomatoes, citrus fruits, potatoes among others. Seems the list keeps growing so I believe there’s something going on besides the acid reflux thing, gluten intolerance/celiac disease. Recently I’ve read that mercury in the system can cause intestinal problems. I had dental work (silver bridgework) some 10 years ago and the last 5 years have been quite odd. No one else around me seems to have issues with the same foods etc, air pollutants that I’ve become sensitive to – so it’s highly suspect.

    I’ve been to an allergy doctor who could not detect ANY allergies food or otherwise which I thought was weird.

    Sorry to be so descriptive but those are the issues. May I ask what symptoms you’ve encountered?

  4. I found a very good link that compares the effects of mercury poisoning with the characteristics of autism. Click Here. Since mercury travels in the body and attaches to different parts it affects differently to each individual. Most of my symptoms where Psychiatric including depression and the such, but I can relate to MANY of the symptoms from that table pretty easily. I strongly suggest you to get the hair test done as soon as possible. Please let me know of the results. I ordered mines thru Results Project they are very inexpensive but they can take a while to give you the results back I first ordered the kit on 10/18 received it a week later sent it back on 11/1 and received the results on 12/3.

  5. Hello!

    I did order the test – received it – sent it in but haven’t heard back from them yet. I returned it the first of Feb I believe. However, couldn’t find a number on the site to call them to inquire. I was thinking they may have tried to send but could’ve been zapped as a spammer – do you remember how they sent it to you via email – such as the email address info?

  6. I sent them 3 samples and didn’t hear from them at all.. I’ve been emailing them and finally I got an answer on the 03/31st.


    There was a hold placed on all hair analysis because Steve wanted them
    sent to him personally.

    Doctor’s Data, Inc. froze all tests until Dr. Reg McDaniel and I could
    solve the problem.

    The hold has been removed and we should be able to get your results within
    the next few days.

    Thanks for your e-mail, patiences, and concerns.

    J. C. Spencer

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