Mindless rambling

Along with the DMSA I’m taking a multivitamin + Multi minerals to add back all the minerals I get ripped off by the DMSA. Today, after drinking an ounce of them, I felt warmth all over my body, and my face got rushed with blood, felt funny but was good.

Went to the beach late at night with Tyler, had a great time there jumping around and playing with the dogs, cooked Potato Gratin with oven roasted tomatoes, I had to rush em both cause Jon was going back to forecast, there was some presidential candidate going to make a speech in the same building and there was going to be plenty of people there.

I told Tyler that if they ever feel like I’m intrusive or I’m bothering too much he should feel free to ask me to move out or something like that. He replied that a few days ago he was talking with Jon and both agreed they would like me to stay with them forever and that I was a nice addition to the family. That was very sweet of him. Although I’m not planning on staying here for a long term. I want to have my own place soon.

I’ve been thinking about doing a long trip, driving cross country across the USA. I mean, I got a car, I should use it, roads in the states are pretty easy to drive thru and would be an incredible adventure. Been thinking about going from the east coast to the west coast and then crossing the border to Mexico thru Tijuana, ending in puerto Vallarta or something like that.

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