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[22:45] ╠ﮒcaҜ╣◘ blah³ {tv}: low selfsteem it’s not only “I’m pretty, I’m ugly”
[22:45] ╠ﮒcaҜ╣◘ blah³ {tv}: low selsteem really has an impact on the way you see AND project yourself out there
[22:45] -> Pizzaman <-: a*listens* [22:46] -> Pizzaman <-: yup.. the way you see the world [22:46] ╠ﮒcaҜ╣◘ blah³ {tv}: it's the knowledge you have, of who you are, and the abilities you posses as a person. [22:46] ╠ﮒcaҜ╣◘ blah³ {tv}: in other words, your talents [22:46] -> Pizzaman <-: mines are not very marketable in today's society [22:46] ╠ﮒcaҜ╣◘ blah³ {tv}: so here's this 32 guy who has no self steem, and who thinks he has no value at all...outside from "I'm a good damn boyfriend, cause I gave it all" [22:46] ╠ﮒcaҜ╣◘ blah³ {tv}: 🙂 [22:47] -> Pizzaman <-: well.. actually I'm a lousy bf [22:47] ╠ﮒcaҜ╣◘ blah³ {tv}: but what you are, it's an incredible smart person who pretty much taught himself everything he knows of a thing we call PC, which BTW, runs the world today…cause every single damn thing, it’s ran by a computer.
[22:47] -> Pizzaman <-: although that doesn't give anyone the right to hurt me [22:47] ╠ﮒcaҜ╣◘ blah³ {tv}: there's this person with sweet and honorable values, moral values, which makes you an incredible and sensitible human being, in my eyes.
[22:47] -> Pizzaman <-: i pretty much taught me everythign I know about everything i know [22:47] ╠ﮒcaҜ╣◘ blah³ {tv}: because I know who you are, I knew you before LA. [22:49] ╠ﮒcaҜ╣◘ blah³ {tv}: you need to love yourself, and you need to understand, that yes, perhaps you won’t create the next OS [ I don’t doubt you could, it just wouldn’t have the same impact MSFT Windows had, or even linux ]
[22:49] ╠ﮒcaҜ╣◘ blah³ {tv}: but you can make a difference out there, because you have the talent in this particular area.
[22:49] -> Pizzaman <-: i made a very postive difference in Radisson [22:49] ╠ﮒcaҜ╣◘ blah³ {tv}: and you'll continue to do everything that you do. [22:50] -> Pizzaman <-: and I was VERY cherished and people were always amazed about the things i did [22:50] ╠ﮒcaҜ╣◘ blah³ {tv}: because you are an incredible person
[22:50] ╠ﮒcaҜ╣◘ blah³ {tv}: it’s what I’ve been trying to tell you for so fucking long
[22:50] -> Pizzaman <-: *thinks* [22:50] -> Pizzaman <-: *smiles* [22:50] ╠ﮒcaҜ╣◘ blah³ {tv}: I believe in you
[22:50] -> Pizzaman <-: thanks [22:50] ╠ﮒcaҜ╣◘ blah³ {tv}: I always have

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