I posted this symptoms to the add community in LJ :

  • Can’t focus on anything for more than a while (5 mins tops), unless it’s something EXTREMELY new and interesting, but after a while it looses it’s impact.
  • Extremely forgetful, I’ll put a pan on the stove, start cutting some onions and will totally forget the pan until it burns to death
  • Can’t make myself do things I don’t want to do because I anticipate they will be very troublesome (school work, find a new job, go get the drivers license)
  • Keep accumulating projects I want to do, but seems I procrastinate everything, even things I would love to do (learn about computer forensics, go to the gym, etc)
  • I feel sad most of the time, even when GOOD news arrive (Phone: You’ve been accepted for your new job – me : Blah)
  • I feel tired, even after a full night sleep
  • I have delayed orgasms, I take an awful long time to cum, it’s impossible for me to cum with oral stimulation and while me being a top it’s very infrequently that I cum, it almost always require self-masturbation for me to cum
  • I am addicted to the PC, sometimes it causes me anxiety, cause I feel that people that are around me can see how much time I spend in the pc and realize it’s excessive
  • Even when I am using the pc, I tend to be all over the place, having 6 concurrent conversations, while writing on my LJ, and checking 5 WebPages, all the same time
  • Although I’ve been able to keep long term relationships, it’s been hard, because seems like people are very dynamic (change things around their lives) and can’t cope with me being so static(being the same as years pass by)
  • Time seems to fly by me.. weeks and weeks pass by and i feel like I don’t do anything
  • I tend to minimize my acomplishments and find them stunningly average and unimpressive
  • I have problems understanding sentences when spoken in a noisy environmen, like any song for example
  • Music makes me anxious
  • I’m hypervigilant of my surroundings all the time

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