03:21] AuthorPizzaman: last night i had nightmares
[03:21] AuthorPizzaman: with LA
[03:21] AuthorPizzaman: 🙁
[03:21] AuthorPizzaman: i remember i was in some room ..
[03:21] kumascak: luva ya babes
[03:21] AuthorPizzaman: and some people were having sex on a bed
[03:21] kumascak: I’ll talk with you tomorrow
[03:21] AuthorPizzaman: and .. i looked at them
[03:22] AuthorPizzaman: and one was hiding under the covers
[03:22] AuthorPizzaman: and when i removed the covers it was LA
[03:22] AuthorPizzaman: and .. before removing the covers .. i was scared..and i remember feeling scared..
[03:22] kumascak: oh my
[03:22] kumascak: nasty dream
[03:22] AuthorPizzaman: cause i was dreading it was LA
[03:22] AuthorPizzaman: 🙁
[03:22] AuthorPizzaman: yeah.. sucked
[03:22] AuthorPizzaman: night

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