I think through times, although I am somehow of a good listener. Sometimes on important situations I’ve didn’t really listened to what people had to say. said “the bad thing about getting back together is that the emotion is not there, the magic of getting to know the other and finding all the little things about each other.” .. I have to listen..

[12:36] [scak] -> …™: lol, I’ve thought about it a lot, I just never say a thing
[12:36] [scak] -> …™: I already know you so well, and you know me so well, we were a couple once, we had an incredible good time, we had a very strong bond, we have a connection that we’ve seen through time…
[12:37] [scak] -> …™: it’s not hard to be with you, as I love you, and i know you love me, but I think we both need to heal and move on completely from our past, in order to consider dating
[12:37] [scak] -> …™: cause I don’t want to be with you, when you’re thinking of L.A, and I’m sure you don’t want to be with me, while I think of ks.


[13:57] ∫(astro)² = ½blah³: you know one sucky thing about us
[13:57] -> Pizzaman <-: waht ? [13:57] ∫(astro)² = ½blah³: that I know you so fucking well, so there won't be any rush or thrill... [13:57] ∫(astro)² = ½blah³: I read you like an open book 🙂 [13:57] -> Pizzaman <-: mmm.. [13:57] -> Pizzaman <-: i think there might be.. [13:57] -> Pizzaman <-: i'm not sure.. [13:58] -> Pizzaman <-: mmm.. i'm surely trilled everytime i see you [13:58] ∫(astro)² = ½blah³: if you get psico on me 🙂 and start being this totally new person [13:58] ∫(astro)² = ½blah³: I didn't meant that thrill [13:58] ∫(astro)² = ½blah³: I mean, things to discover, and so on [13:58] ∫(astro)² = ½blah³: I pretty much know how you think about most things in life [13:58] ∫(astro)² = ½blah³: I still get nervous when I see you :p