I don’t love you

I’m not sure if I have a big problem. I might be scared of showing affection towards a member of the same sex. mmm.. well.. here is the story.. on my last 2 relationships I’ve been truly madly deeply in love with my ex-ex, and completely in love with my ex. To them both I showed as much affection and love as I could, and I feel like somehow both of them got bored with it all and in the end they dumped me and didn’t cared much about it.

Also it has happened to me that some guys that I haven’t been attracted to, have fell in love with me, and all their love showing have really tired me, it feels so sticky and tiresomely sweet.. EWWW.. maybe just cause I wasn’t attracted to them, I guess.

But still I’m afraid to say I love you.. I think I will bother people and make them run away from me.

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