Puuru – プール - Pool

soo.. like.. yesterday I went to a public pool with saito-san, one of my coworkers, he’s the one who has gotten the closest to me. He stops by at my office almost every day and always offers me cigarrettes. He’s really nice with me. They wanted to invite me, among other things so that their children have contact with gaijins like me. That will make them more confortable to speak english. I had loads of fun at the pool, I felt weird sometimes though, I was very concerned about my looks, mainly because, well.. japanese guys specially teens & early 20’s have GREAT bodies, wow.. I was amazed, like 0% fat. And well.. I’m kinda slim, but I have my fat deposits here and there, so I was kinda concerned about that, also I was concerned cause well… I bought this swimsuit in New Orleans, and it’s kinda tiny, not speedo type, but more like hot pants kinda type, and well, I’ve always been shy, so I had a very strong debate in my mind on wether to wear them or not. Also my hair, i mean .. I finally (after 30 years) learned how to kinda keep it under control, but well.. NOT IN A POOL , so .. hehe.. i kinda looked like a lion (as saito san said) .. I guess I never overcame when I was a teen and other people in school used to tease me about my looks, like they would try to find any small detail (good or bad) and make me suffer with it, and while I was there I never learned how to fight back, for me .. the worst years of my life have been many, and among those were the 5 years of highschool.

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