BEN !!!

I was checking my flight info for miami.. and my flight is going to do a Layover in ST PAUL, MN !!!!
I”M GONNA MEET BEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well.. I’m still full of anxiety cause I’ve been running aro

well.. I’m still full of anxiety cause I’ve been running around all day.. and kinda got scared that our network will be infected with the MSBLASTER, but did not.. 🙂 WOOHOO !!

Also .. on other news.. today my boss called me on the phone “come to my office”.. and I was scared.. and he handed me an envelope with 50,000 yen !! WOW.. as a gift so I go around Japan for sightseeing..

On other news.. the guy I met in Makuhari.. YEAH THAT ONE *sticks out tongue* *rolls eyes* ..send me a letter, inside … a Japan Rail Pass, so I can ride ALL the trains I want in Japan for free !!! WOW.. I was soo amazed.. that’s worth 30,000 yen !!

Also .. I got notified by my boss today, that he changed my plane ticket, from 24th to th 23rd, and now I’m flying directly to Miami, that way I will save some $$.. so .. today .. I saved $1000 without moving a finger.

When my boss gave me the envelope my voice kinda cracked, i was very excited and impressed, like .. i don’t know.. i guess usually i expect the worse from people, maybe people in Venezuela are like that or something, but I’ve met so many nice people around.