After going around half a dozen hotels in the Bonzai area, and nothin happening between Nemo and me. I am pretty tired, we arrived back to the dorms last night at 1:30 am after 5 hours driving or such. Thanks god I was not doing the driving. We visited plenty of hotels, mostly ski resorts and made many reviews about them including pics and numbers. Uploaded them via a wireless card while on the road. Sounds like fun.. well.. kinda .. I guess..

Nemo SNORES really loudly, so the night we spent at the hotel I couldn’t sleep most of it. Most of the food we ate were kinda bad, and between all the driving and all the interviewing we did at the hotels, I’m still dead tired, even though today I came to work at half past twelve.

I’m having fun here, I feel very helpful and my work is greatly appreciated. Although I’m not getting paid much, I’m not spending much either cause almost everything is provided.

As a gift for our work, I got a night at a fancy hotel in Tokyo. Well.. It’s sweet ! *giggles*

Now I just need the bf to share it with…

*Correction* .. I don’t need anyone to share shit.. *giggles*

Well.. maybe a friend..

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