At around 6:30pm we left Tomisato town, towards the area whe

At around 6:30pm we left Tomisato town, towards the area where the hotels are. It’s 9:15 pm and were still driving, there is a lot of tunnels here in Japan, or at least in this highway.

Nemo, as I call him is the guy that is driving, he seems to be a nice guy and he’s kinda nellie I think. He was the one who asked the GM for me to go with him, so it’s because of him that I was selected to do this survey. We have talked about several things including girlfriends (he brought up the subject). He started talking about onsen (which are japanese spa) and after that his next comment was that it was no clothes, japanese style. So maybe it’s just my dirty mind, or maybe it’s that he wants to check me out. *giggles*.. hope he gets a surprise.

We stopped at a highway stop and had dinner. Being a highway joint I thought food wouldn’t be very good, but I was impressed on how beautifully arranged the bento (meal in a box) I had was. Very neatly arranged and very nice looking everything, of course I had my usual miso shiru. The bento had tamago, some purple rice rolls thinghys, and baboo sticks some tiny pieces of pork, two kind of fishes presented in different ways, fried shrimp and some other things I can’t remember, overall it was VERY good and I was very impressed, all for just 800円 (nanasenen) (which is only like $7.

Wow !

One quick update to tell that yesterday I had dinner with most of the managers of the hotel. We went to this restaurant and the chef was the apprentice of the father of Chen Kinichi. You would ask.. and who the hell is Chen Kenichi, well he’s the Chinese Iron chef. !! Wow.. I was sooooooo excited .. and the meal was good too.. *giggles*

I’ll be off a few days, seems that the hotel that I work for wants to buy some other hotel north of Tokyo and they want me and a co-worker go and check out the competition. So I’m going to travel, all inclusive to go and stay in hotels and dine there and check em out.

Hope there are cute guys around.