I’m feeling really sad now… I don’t know why.. but I hint maybe it’s cause I was expecting to have a nice talk today with my exbf, and we didn’t chat much. He was kinda busy doing his homework. I wanted to chat with him. On monday we talked on the phone and I felt really good. I miss him so much. I wish I could make people happy so they don’t leave me, but I’m not very good spreading joy when there is no much of it inside me. I’m depressed now, but usually I’m just in a neutral state.

Today I went to the shrink, we talked a lot, there were times I didn’t understood what she was saying, i just nooded, that happens a lot to me.


  1. *hugs hugs hugs hugs hugs* im sorry your convo with your exbf didn’t go the way you wanted to. Aww…*hugs again* well, i hope you feel better. *smiles*


  2. as long as he talks to the asshole, he won’t feel better. Love you luis, hope someday you understand and realize your value, and that no asshole deserves such a great person, you.

    Love, nino

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