Umm ya know…

Why there is a need on most of the realtionships I seen around me to make the “loved” one suffer. I see that all the time. On most the relationships I see around ( and I’m sure this includes YOUR relationship too), there is this need to TEACH the other a lesson by HURTING him. Nonsense, there is no need to hurt. In love there is only place for love. People cheating on each other, people lying, people hurting, people making others do things they don’t want to, people hiding, people not sharing their feelings, sincerely, most of the relationships I see around me basically SUCK. I hate to say this, but i feel lucky to be alone


  1. I seriously applaud you on that… +smiles+ People can be very mean and crass to one another…I’m glad I’m not the only one who sees it…I hete seeing people hurt or upset.

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