Thursday night I was so tired. I spent the night on the comp

Thursday night I was so tired. I spent the night on the computer helping people. Relationships were broken and I helping my friends get them fixed. My best friend, she has been married 8 years, and just found out her husband was cheating on her. My ex-ex, has this weird relationship in which he and his bf are arguing bf 75% of the time, and they have been on and off for a while. A friend from NYC has this wonderful relationship, but he’s risking it because he’s 17 and he has never experienced being with another guy (besides his husby), and he’s lusting over other guys. And this are only the ones I can help with. I was so tired, I stayed up until 6 am chatting with them. After that my computer broke down. I felt so frustrated…

In the afternoon Delia dropped by, she wanted me to go with her to the mall to do some shopping. I was so tired I was just thinking about what excuses could I make up so I wouldn’t have to go to the mall. But in the end I just went and had a nice time. She really enjoys my company when she shops and it kinda made me feel gay, cause I was helping her pick things. Getting into the dressing room with her, and commenting on the colors and how her boobs looked too big or too small. hehehe… I felt so nellie.

After that we just to her place and I hanged around in there for a while, I bought some Samuel Smith’s Oat Meal Stouts and some sushi. Ate, watched TV, drank. After a while I came back home. Talked with my best friend and she’s doing much better. She has hopes now. She’s thinking about the possibilities of mending the situation rather than jumping out of a window.

I went to sleep early, and now… It’s early… what should I do today?

nel·ly or nel·lie
n. Offensive Slang pl. nel·lies
Used as a disparaging term for an effeminate homosexual man