Tonight I saw two faces of the same coin. A relationship. On one side, a relationship that seems perfect, my friends Ryan and Justin from NYC. Planning their sky trip, and basically on function on how are they gonna express love for the other and what special things are they gonna do for the other, and how much the other will like the place and thing like that, basically thinking a lot about the other. Why their relationship is working?. Well.. I’m not sure.. I’m not there, but they basically seem to be interested about each other. It’s like each other is the most important things in their lives, although they don’t forget about the other parts of life.

The other side of the coin? Antonio and Kuma, their relationship seems to be un balanced, and I get the feeling it’s from a lack of priorities. For one the most important thing is the other, but for the other, although he seems to love the one, seems like he doesn’t treasure his mate. Seems like pride, lack of respect and bad attitudes have eroded the relationship.

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