Many things…

I haven’t been writing a lot lately. I’m doing okay though. Yesterday I went out with Anne, Barbara, Sheldon and Puter. We went to a straight disco here in Providence, called Strand. I had a Bacardi before going out and then drank a Smirnoff Ice while I was there. I had a nice time, I danced enough. Anne is very nice with me, she hugs me and talks to me a lot. I like her. After the disco we went to a pizzeria and had some slices of pepperoni pizzas.

My skates boots finally arrived today, these are the right size though. I like them a lot, and hopefully I will not embarrass myself going to classes skating. I have skated very little during my life. So I still have to learn how to do it well enough.

My first japanese class was on wednesday the 2nd, I got there really early and I started talking with this cute japanese guy. He happened to be one of the teachers, but not the one who was going to teach my class. My teacher ended up being this american guy, he’s very nice, also you can tell he doesn’t have a lot of experience teaching, I find him to be extremely nervous. I hope that when a couple of classes pass by he will feel more confortable teaching us.

Last week I started going to the gym again. I felt really well, and my mood hasn’t lowered yet. It’s friday and I feel fine, I should go to the gym today too or at least skate for a while to do some exercise.

Also last week I was very worried about how I will arrange all the classes I need to take so I can graduate within the one year perioud I want. Since I have so many transfer credits from so many different periods of the career sometimes it’s hard to arrange them correctly, now that I’ve gathered all the necesary documentation hopefully next week I’ll be sure of what courses I need to take.

I got a cyber boyfriend, his nickname is cupid and he’s from NYC, we’ve been talking for a couple of weeks now and he’s very sweet. He seems to have very rooted priciples and values and that is something I am really looking for, although I barely know him. He’s also very cute, not the kind of guy I am used to date but he’s very cute anyways.

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