better !

As I started the week and got into the routine again it made me feel better. I went to classes, worked out, ate, everything was better today.

In the afternoon I was worried that Anna (a girl from Panama) is not feeling very well, cause she feels a little bit lonely, so I invited her for a coffee, we talked for 2 hours and we talked about many things including relationships.. While we were talking she was refering to my ex, and she said.. “and what did she.. ?”, I interrupted and said “he”. It was fun cause the flow of the conversation was never interrupted, hehehe… It’s the second person in the University I come out to.

Yesterday Jon (my great friend from Miami) told me that his boyfriend might probably have pancreatic cancer. That sent me over the edge, and I started crying, I cried for a while and then fell to sleep.. I needed it

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