ZNC + Minbif + irssi

For some time I’ve been using the mix of ZNC (an IRC bouncer) with Minbif (an IRC-like interface multiprotocol IM client), this gives me an stable connection to IRC thru the server running those two servers. I just then use my prefered IRC client to connect to ZNC and voila, I have connection to all my IM accounts from everywhere since it supports multiple clients connected at the same time.

Also I use ZNC to connect to regular IRC networks, so on the same IRC client I have all my IM and all my IRC, with all connections handled by the server running ZNC. I think it’s a very elegant solution, and much better than handling everything from the client machine, running windows, rebooting every two days because this and that security patch.

For ZNC to handle several connections to different networks, you need to set up different accounts with different user names, I am not going to go into that and assume this has been already done, but because of this I was having a little bit of trouble setting up irssi to auto-connect whenever it ran. The solution was as follows:

First, in ZNC, I set up one network for each connection I want to do to ZNC

/network add <network1>
/network add <network2>

then I add a server to each network

/server add -auto -network <network1> -ssl <server> <port> <login1:password>
/server add -auto -network <network2> -ssl <server> <port> <login2:password>

and that was it, now whenever I run irssi, it autoconnects to my IRC and my IM.

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