Brisbane Tilt Shift

Brisbane Tilt Shift
Originally uploaded by mercurytoxic.

Tried a new technique called fake tilt shift with this old photo I took more than one month ago. I think it came out really well, although not outstanding,.

Got reply from the Chinese embassy, my visa was approved. Monday I’m going to pick it up and hopefully apply for the Taiwan visa as well. I’m pretty excited about going to Taiwan because a lot of big computer companies are from there.

Isooz has been down for a couple weeks now. After google closed my checkout account I haven’t been able to find another credit card payment processor. I’m not sure why it’s been so complicated. Well, I guess than since my business isn’t registered anywhere. I guess that I should start by registering it somewhere. I wonder if that’s prohibitively expensive. I will need to eventually fly to the USA and register my business there THEN we will rock and roll. Well, that will have to be the next year.

Since my bank (Netbank) was closed by the FDIC and ING Direct took over the accounts, now I’m trapped in the middle of this waiting for my ING Direct accounts to be accessible. I owe $25K that are just sitting there in my bank, unaccessible. People are getting upset and I don’t have enough money in Australia to pay them. Very stupid banks.

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