Smart car & Shopping cart

Smart car & Shopping cart
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Lately I haven’t been doing much besides keeping the business running. There are a few things I’ve been procastrinating on like for example getting the visa for China. Few days ago we bought a smart car… wasn’t my idea, but since it’s so small and saves so much gas, I am tempted to sell the RAV4 and keep it. DId E the other day, well.. wasn’t E was more like speed. I didn’t liked it at all. Sure it gave me lots of energy and I was dancing all night, but for the next few days I was depressed and I got a cold that lasted 3 weeks or so, I’m still coughing from it.
Besides that not much is going on, I’ve made a couple of online friends. Oh, and I went karting the other day, it was freaking expensive $90 for 4 races, but it was very well setup and I won 1 race, 6th on the 2nd and 2nd on the 3rd. =) I think overall I was the best driver, although there was this guy that drove better than me but he didn’t finished one of the races.

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