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On the 30th of October I decided to shop for a web hosting company. Free hosting wasn’t cutting it anymore and I decided that a more serious online presence was required for my purposes. After shopping a bit around Australian web hosting companies I decided on http://ww.webcity.com.au, it seemed the cheapest company around owned by bigger company CIA http://www.cia.com.au/.

I always do research even when I buy inexpensive stuff, it’s something I enjoy doing, the knowledge of what I’m getting into, I feel empowers me. One of the main reasons I decided to go with webcity.com.au was that on their ads it said that they supported SSL and they had a shared SSL certificate that I could use, I thought this could come in handy while I was testing the SSL between google checkout and http://www.isooz.com.

Well, to be brief, the shared SSL is not working, it points to the wrong folder in their server and it’s not accessible for me. After seeing this and raising a support ticket with them without any prompt solutions just a “we’re aware of some customers experiencing some issue with the shared SSL, we’re investigating the issue and expect to have it resolved shortly.” I decided to get my own SSL certificate, problem was Webcity charged AU$29 to install it. I decided to bite the bullet, go with it and pay.

I bought the SSL certificate from http://godaddy.com, they seem to be the cheapest around in many different services and a reputable enough company. To be able to get the certificate done, I needed to provide some info from http://www.webcity.com.au to http://www.godday.com, to get this info I had to read the SSL setup online manuals from webcity. They were difficult to follow, they said that I should generate a private key and a CRT from my Cpanel, but there wasn’t that option in my webcity cpanel, I had to call customer support, and after dealing with them for a little while they reset my Cpanel to a previous version, that fixed the problem, i was able to generate my keys and CRT.

After getting the SSL certificate generated, immediately I sent all the info to webcity and in a few hours I received an email confirming that the SSL certificate was installed and that https://isooz.com was accessible, which sorta was, but it was pointing to the WRONG FOLDER. I raised another support ticket for this issue and here I am 99 hours later and counting, still waiting on this issue to get resolved.

Called today Nov 13th 2007 around 5pm, and they said it was on the top of the list to be worked on, well, nothing was done today, I guess I can always hope tomorrow they’ll do something about it. I think I’m going to start shopping for another web hosting company.

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