Went yesterday to Singapura in Milton to have lunch with some of Roelo’s friends. Funny that has has some friends and drags me along to have lunch with them. I sit, eat, smile and listen. Barely talk, but I guess I barely talk no matter whose friends are they. I think I’m on a different gear, people think and talk too fast, I can’t keep up with them, plus most of the things they talk about are not things I’m aware of (mutual friends, cars, jobs) or not interesting for me (drugs they took, who is going out with who, etc).


Sometimes it’s not so bad =), the food was yummy, although I’ve been to that restaurant like 5 times already.. damn I think this post is going downhill, probably nothing that I can write about going on. Oh well, after the lunch went to James place and saw some photos of their travel thru Europe. Talked to James about travelling to China, I might go in January but probably it’ll be too expensive and right now I have other priorities, might end up going to New Zealand instead, although I don’t want to apply for the NZ visa..

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