Dreams of China !

TH Military 10
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Last night I had an awesome dream. For some reason I was feeling good before going to sleep. Maybe it was the fact that I spoke to my exbf and he mentioned that he might be coming to Venezuela for good. Although I kinda tried to explain to him that he should stay there, I think there must be something that he’s not telling me about him coming back. He spoke about restaurant market in Venezuela booming. That made me feel good, seeign him again would be awesome. It also made me dream and well, had very different and conflicting emotions, but overall made me feel good.

I had this dream. Antonio was working in China at some manufacturing plant doing some sort of office job. I traveled to China, where my mom was living and stayed at her place, where she had this huge house, there was a room for me in the house. As soon as I arrived I walked around and saw this chinese restaurants and chinese food, it was very interesting but made me remember a compare it with Japan. I met with Antonio, and we went to a pool, we showered in the multiple showers, but he was faster than me undressing and I stayed behind, I had neon green coverse all stars and some other guy misplaced his pair and was looking for then and picking up everybody’s shoes and mixing them, it took me a while to sort them out when I finally went out I got stuck talking with the receptionist who was gay and was hitting on me. I had fun talking with him for a while and after a while Antonio came back from the pool, we talked briefly. I finally went to the pool. Then I was at my mom’s place and this cute teen arrived, seemed he was somehow family. I think my mom told me he was coming, cause she had told him that I liked computers. After he arrived we went to my mom’s room and started looking around, he seemed to know the place and started to tell me all the things he had found. After he was laying on my mom’s bed and said in a sexy and inviting voice, “I’m so hot for linux”, I was shocked and didn’t know how to answer. I ran away. I had to run thru this long and narrow path in the woods to get to my room, it was covered with grass and pine trees, and kittens.. lots and lots of gray newborn kittens, and I was trying to run as fast as I could, but I didn’t wanted to step on them, but there were patches of grey fur all over the place. I reached the end of the path, but there was this grey brick wall, and there was this huge group of kittens walking around in a tight formation with a huge black could right on top of them.

Antonio visited me at my mom’s place. He seemed to have been there before already. He stayed over. The next day he had to go to work and I wanted to go check the place where he worked so I went with him. Walking thru the streets of china was awesomely interesting. Everybody was dressed in green military outfits with the caps and everything. We were in a corner waiting for the traffic lights and Antonio was reading a newspaper, the guy at his right, a middleage tall guy with grey hair and unhappy face started complaining about something, neither of us understood but he kept on, I was worried they might start a fight, we started asking what was the problem in different languages and to the people around to see if someone could help. It semed that Antonio had elbowed him while reading. Antonio said he was sorry. The guy didn’t seemed to accept it well. Antonio didn’t mind, light changed and started walking to his work. I stayed behind and followed the guy, trying to explain how all of them are the same, but we are different, I gave up, and started to run, trying to catch up with Antonio. To no avail, he had already taken the train.

I arrived at his place of work. He was talking with some lady. She was telling him to do something. Afterwards he was complaining a bit about it. He started to tell me that they’ve asked him to fix some printers of something. It seemed like a nice place to work, everything clean and on it’s place. I wanted to work there too, to be close to him.


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