BiG WiLLy says:
> Pizzaman < says: hi babes BiG WiLLy says: wuts up BiG WiLLy says: how gin? > Pizzaman < says: cool > Pizzaman < says: he came back from usa yesterday BiG WiLLy says: yea BiG WiLLy says: did he come over? > Pizzaman < says: yup.. > Pizzaman < says: called me just after he arrived .. > Pizzaman < says: called me to spend new years with his family > Pizzaman < says: i didn't go BiG WiLLy says: why not? BiG WiLLy says: so u haven't left ur room since ? > Pizzaman < says: cause he was going to be with his extended family > Pizzaman < says: that's not all > Pizzaman < says: he came by like at 2am > Pizzaman < says: and he just left like 20 mins ago BiG WiLLy says: he spent the nite? BiG WiLLy says: OMG... BiG WiLLy says: did u?? > Pizzaman < says: well.. BiG WiLLy says: DID YOU?? > Pizzaman < says: long story BiG WiLLy says: i've got all nite > Pizzaman < says: we went to this party where the girl he has sex with was > Pizzaman < says: and we were there until dawn came > Pizzaman < says: we drank and stuff > Pizzaman < says: and then we came to my place BiG WiLLy says: did u tell him ? > Pizzaman < says: talked for a while > Pizzaman < says: tell him what ? > Pizzaman < says: so .. we kinda layed on bed the 3 of us BiG WiLLy says: that u're inluv wid him BiG WiLLy says: 3 of us ? > Pizzaman < says: yah... him, the girl and me BiG WiLLy says: oh BiG WiLLy says: so u couldn't tell him BiG WiLLy says: > Pizzaman < says: i don't think i will tell him > Pizzaman < says: soooo.. > Pizzaman < says: we were watching this movie about girls showing off their tits > Pizzaman < says: and that got him kinda horny > Pizzaman < says: so .. i sorta turned it off .. and turned around and tried to sleep > Pizzaman < says: but they were kinda making noises and stuff.. so i just watched > Pizzaman < says: after a while.. i just stood up. and kinda said, you guys dont have to be silent cause I've been awake all the time BiG WiLLy says: are u sure he doesn't have feelings for this gurl? > Pizzaman < says: nope > Pizzaman < says: not at all > Pizzaman < says: sooo.. BiG WiLLy says: so why did he invite her to ur place ? BiG WiLLy says: why go thru all that trouble if he's just fucking her ? > Pizzaman < says: we started talking and i kinda said to keep it up .. cause it was kinda cool to watch > Pizzaman < says: she's a friend, and kinda the only place we could go to BiG WiLLy says: perv. lol' > Pizzaman < says: and he didn't invted her to my place, she just came along cause we were together > Pizzaman < says: so... > Pizzaman < says: they were kinda awkwad about it .. > Pizzaman < says: but he kinda kept rubbing her pussy over the pants and she was kinda whipering BiG WiLLy says: hehhee BiG WiLLy says: did they fuck? > Pizzaman < says: so .. he kept telling me to do it to.. like.. let's do a 3some and stuff > Pizzaman < says: but I just felt too awkward to touch her BiG WiLLy says: *gasps* BiG WiLLy says: OMG BiG WiLLy says: did u??? BiG WiLLy says: was she willing ?? > Pizzaman < says: and he sorta said, be careful with me BiG WiLLy says: OMG HE'S BI!!!!!!!!! BiG WiLLy says: i knew it > Pizzaman < says: well.. she never said YES YES ..but she didn't said no BiG WiLLy says: he just wanted u to take ur clothes off so he can see ur pee pee BiG WiLLy says: he said what ? > Pizzaman < says: so he said be careful with me .. as in do not touch me > Pizzaman < says: soo.. > Pizzaman < says: that kinda didn't worked cause she was kinda very uncomfy and i was too.. i never touched her BiG WiLLy says: noooo... he said be careful with me as in i've never had a dick up my bum b4 so be careful.. u know go easy i'm a virgin kinda thing BiG WiLLy says: u ass > Pizzaman < says: lol > Pizzaman < says: noppers > Pizzaman < says: soo.. > Pizzaman < says: it kinda got boring after a while cause they don't kiss > Pizzaman < says: he says he doesn't feel like kissing her > Pizzaman < says: cause he doesn't like her that much > Pizzaman < says: so .. i kinda dozed in and out ... > Pizzaman < says: and when it got dark again, after 6pm .. they said.. okay .. > Pizzaman < says: now we're gonna do it > Pizzaman < says: but... they made me turn all the lights in the rooom .. > Pizzaman < says: and they kinda had sex.. and i watched > Pizzaman < says: but.. BiG WiLLy says: kinda had sex ? > Pizzaman < says: was .. kinda lame though BiG WiLLy says: why ? > Pizzaman < says: they were not passionate about it at all .. > Pizzaman < says: and no kissing.. BiG WiLLy says: so u saw his dick? > Pizzaman < says: she sucked him off.. BiG WiLLy says: hard and stuff? > Pizzaman < says: well... the silouethe BiG WiLLy says: and her pussy ? > Pizzaman < says: i couldn't really see shit BiG WiLLy says: silouthe? BiG WiLLy says: lmao!!!!! > Pizzaman < says: ya... BiG WiLLy says: u are so funny > Pizzaman < says: well.. > Pizzaman < says: hahha BiG WiLLy says: wuts a silhouete? > Pizzaman < says: mmm.. BiG WiLLy says: well i have to say.. u had a much more fun packed new year than i did > Pizzaman < says: when u see only the borders of something and all the rest is black BiG WiLLy says: u had ur own lil fireworks display in ur room > Pizzaman < says: that's not the whole story > Pizzaman < says: soo... BiG WiLLy says: were they moaning and groaning ? > Pizzaman < says: things were going kinda okayyy for a little while.. > Pizzaman < says: but since they were not passionate about it at all BiG WiLLy says: and why didn't u leave the room and give them some privacy like a regular person would > Pizzaman < says: they started talking about stuff... and i kept saying focus and shut up.. > Pizzaman < says: so.. > Pizzaman < says: he lost his boner > Pizzaman < says: from what i was able to see looks like a very nice cock BiG WiLLy says: lol > Pizzaman < says: so .. i was kinda giving tips about how to jack him off BiG WiLLy says: nice!! BiG WiLLy says: did she listen? > Pizzaman < says: yah.. but.. > Pizzaman < says: u know when people do things cause it's something they HAVE to do .. and not because they're passionate or they are enjoying ti BiG WiLLy says: yah > Pizzaman < says: so.. she sucked him off for a while.. > Pizzaman < says: and I soooo wanted to tell him .. > Pizzaman < says: WAIT>. let me show you
BiG WiLLy says:
so why didn’t u jump in and save the day? or the erection rather
> Pizzaman < says: *shrugs* BiG WiLLy says: gee i wish i was there in ur room last nite BiG WiLLy says: did u tape any of it ? lol > Pizzaman < says: no.. but he kept joking about me to tape it > Pizzaman < says: but i kept saying this is a trial run to see how it works out BiG WiLLy says: wow.. she must be some slut. BiG WiLLy says: haahhaa > Pizzaman < says: mmm.. she's very open minded and she's in love with him .. > Pizzaman < says: so it's kinda hard for her to say no > Pizzaman < says: that's another reason why i didn't wanted to abuse that BiG WiLLy says: she's inluv with him ??.. damn > Pizzaman < says: yeah > Pizzaman < says: so.. after a whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiile BiG WiLLy says: did she tell u? > Pizzaman < says: of she sucking him and he giving her oral sex > Pizzaman < says: yup... we've talked about that > Pizzaman < says: he got a boner again > Pizzaman < says: not very hard though > Pizzaman < says: and he put on a condom .. that i provided.. lol i was kinda the assistant > Pizzaman < says: and he fucked her.. BiG WiLLy says: are those condoms good? u haven't had sex in years > Pizzaman < says: that kinda looked cool.. but didn't lasted much at all > Pizzaman < says: like under 5 mins BiG WiLLy says: did she cum? > Pizzaman < says: he said he didn't wanted to hold it cause he was losing his boner > Pizzaman < says: he had the condom on his wallet.. BiG WiLLy says: he's a quick cummer? BiG WiLLy says: awww > Pizzaman < says: i bought them for him a few weeks ago BiG WiLLy says: lol > Pizzaman < says: a couple months ago actually BiG WiLLy says: did shr orgasm? > Pizzaman < says: cause he was having unprotected sex BiG WiLLy says: where they making noises ? BiG WiLLy says: where was ur mother ? > Pizzaman < says: no, she did not > Pizzaman < says: no they were not making much noises > Pizzaman < says: my mum.. i dunno .. around BiG WiLLy says: WTF BiG WiLLy says: no noises? BiG WiLLy says: guess he wasn't pleasing her BiG WiLLy says: mmm.. gin is soundig more and more unattractive > Pizzaman < says: she said that this is the 1st time she doesn't orgasm while being with him > Pizzaman < says: but .. i kinda understand the situation > Pizzaman < says: but BiG WiLLy says: she said that? BiG WiLLy says: when? > Pizzaman < says: after they fucked we talked about it > Pizzaman < says: u know me. i TALK BiG WiLLy says: lmap11 > Pizzaman < says: yeah.. i even hold the condom .. > Pizzaman < says: and i asked him about his orgasm.. > Pizzaman < says: and he said it was kinda sucky BiG WiLLy says: DID U GET A BONER WHILE WATCHING ? > Pizzaman < says: sometimes i did.. > Pizzaman < says: sometimes i didn't > Pizzaman < says: i get boners all the time > Pizzaman < says: sooo.. BiG WiLLy says: mmm... > Pizzaman < says: i think BiG WiLLy says: ok BiG WiLLy says: wut happened next? > Pizzaman < says: it's not the 1st time he has had erection problems with different girls BiG WiLLy says: u should write this shit in ur journal BiG WiLLy says: its crazy!!!!!!! BiG WiLLy says: did he tell u that too? > Pizzaman < says: yeah.. i might cut and paste this conversation BiG WiLLy says: hahhahaa BiG WiLLy says: lmao!! lol > Pizzaman < says: yup.. from other times that he has told me > Pizzaman < says: and.. > Pizzaman < says: one of the pivotal reasons that his brother ended up gay was because he didn't get a boner with girls BiG WiLLy says: so wut are u saying? BiG WiLLy says: he's turning gay? > Pizzaman < says: also.. a few days ago .. i read something like.. there is no man with erection problems, what there is are men that are with the wrong person.. > Pizzaman < says: and ,,, i think .. he's not excited enuff with her.. > Pizzaman < says: that's it .. > Pizzaman < says: now.. u could say maybe with other woman .. BiG WiLLy says: maybe it coz u were in the room > Pizzaman < says: but he had erection problems with the girl he was lusting for ... his BIG LOVE > Pizzaman < says: and he's just 21.. BiG WiLLy says: mmm.. > Pizzaman < says: maybe i'm just making things up .. BiG WiLLy says: maybe he's not concentrating enuff BiG WiLLy says: u saw it urself when u were with them > Pizzaman < says: maybe.. BiG WiLLy says: did u tell him this? > Pizzaman < says: nope. > Pizzaman < says: i don't even want to hint to him about his sexuality BiG WiLLy says: u should jokingly insist that he try having sex with a guy > Pizzaman < says: maybe i'll do that > Pizzaman < says: maybe i'll even give him his brother example.. BiG WiLLy says: yea BiG WiLLy says: when u say he has erection problems? do u mean he has trouble maintaining an erection or getting one ? > Pizzaman < says: both BiG WiLLy says: and 21? BiG WiLLy says: thats weird > Pizzaman < says: yup > Pizzaman < says: yup.. and usually that is psycological .. not physical BiG WiLLy says: psychological how? > Pizzaman < says: mental.. > Pizzaman < says: lack of desire, stress, blah blah.. those kinda things BiG WiLLy says: why can't it be physical? BiG WiLLy says: or medical? BiG WiLLy says: i would hate to think my baby is impotent wuts gonna happen when we marry > Pizzaman < says: cause he's 21 BiG WiLLy says: BiG WiLLy says: wut stress does he have at 21? > Pizzaman < says: maybe I'm taking out of my ass.. but .. gimme 30 mins with that cock and he will have awesome sex BiG WiLLy says: lmao!!!!! BiG WiLLy says: ME TOO!!!! BiG WiLLy says: is that all that happened last nite? BiG WiLLy says: wut happened this morning when u guys woke up? > Pizzaman < says: noo.. nooo. tonight > Pizzaman < says: like... 1 hour ago or something > Pizzaman < says: so it's fresh gossip > Pizzaman < says: after he came.. they dressed up and we kinda talked about it BiG WiLLy says: how much cum ? BiG WiLLy says: where did he cum ? BiG WiLLy says: on her face ? > Pizzaman < says: inside her.. in a condom > Pizzaman < says: it was like.. watching married couples having sex .. BiG WiLLy says: hehehe BiG WiLLy says: nice BiG WiLLy says: did he make a cumming face ? > Pizzaman < says: he gave me the condom to toss it .. and i kinda put it aside cause i didn't wanted to toss it in the toilet.. > Pizzaman < says: but the ended up taking it and tossing it in the garbage .. so i couldn't really see how much he came BiG WiLLy says: did it sound like a huge cum ? > Pizzaman < says: not at all.. > Pizzaman < says: when i asked him if he orgasmed.. he said.. well.. "i kinda orgasmed" > Pizzaman < says: soo.. i guess this is something maybe someday i'll have an answer BiG WiLLy says: lol. BiG WiLLy says: well.. BiG WiLLy says: i.. BiG WiLLy says: u've had a fun new years > Pizzaman < says: what u did ? BiG WiLLy says: i did nuttin BiG WiLLy says: nada BiG WiLLy says: zit BiG WiLLy says: where did they leave to go? > Pizzaman < says: he was tired drop her at the subway and went to his place BiG WiLLy says: nuttin says romance better than fucking a gurl then dropping her off at the subway > Pizzaman < says: yeah... > Pizzaman < says: i mean .. > Pizzaman < says: NO KISSING > Pizzaman < says: How can u fuck someone and not kiss > Pizzaman < says: u know.. BiG WiLLy says: maybe she had bad breath ? > Pizzaman < says: that's another thing why I don't have THAT much interest in doing anything with him .. > Pizzaman < says: I know.. MAYBE he would let me blow him .. > Pizzaman < says: BUT .. it's gonna be NOT romantic and there's gonna be no kissing whatsoever BiG WiLLy says: *shrugs* BiG WiLLy says: does he know she's inluv with him/ > Pizzaman < says: yup > Pizzaman < says: he knows > Pizzaman < says: she knows > Pizzaman < says: i know BiG WiLLy says: yet he still fucks her? > Pizzaman < says: and we all know there is NUFFING going to happen besides friendship and sex BiG WiLLy says: abusing her innocence > Pizzaman < says: she enjoys whatever she gets BiG WiLLy says: lol BiG WiLLy says: u know.. i'm beginning to hate gin BiG WiLLy says: #1... he's impotent BiG WiLLy says: #2.. he cums quick BiG WiLLy says: (dorwin was a quick cummer... such a TURNOFF) BiG WiLLy says: #3.. he's abusing her feelings BiG WiLLy says: #4... he treats u like a fricking slave.. telling u to get his condoms and dispose of it. he might as well ask u to put it on for him > Pizzaman < says: i take so long to cum it's not even funny > Pizzaman < says: nooo noo.. actually he treats me much better then he treats her.. lol > Pizzaman < says: he brought me a present, a nice jacket.. BiG WiLLy says: me too. BiG WiLLy says: awww. BiG WiLLy says: wut color? > Pizzaman < says: green > Pizzaman < says: really cool > Pizzaman < says: like sporty, 70's kinda jacket > Pizzaman < says: he even got the size perfectly BiG WiLLy says: lol BiG WiLLy says: well ok so maybe he treats u nice but that impotence thing still bothers me > Pizzaman < says: well.. we'll see when you have sex with a girl > Pizzaman < says: he was like soo not there.. > Pizzaman < says: he layed on his back all the time > Pizzaman < says: wish i had someone with chemestry to have sex with .. so i could invite them to a show > Pizzaman < says: it would blow their minds > Pizzaman < says: ohh he even suggested that we should do a 4some .. me inviting antonio BiG WiLLy says: his brother? > Pizzaman < says: no noo.. > Pizzaman < says: his bro is my ex > Pizzaman < says: antonio is my exex\ BiG WiLLy says: oh BiG WiLLy says: see he wants u to invite another BOY BiG WiLLy says: so biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii > Pizzaman < says: yeah... i think he has some interest there BiG WiLLy says: U THINK ? > Pizzaman < says: he was VERY VERY pushy trying to make me do stuff with her.. > Pizzaman < says: had been for some time now BiG WiLLy says: why wont u try pussy? > Pizzaman < says: yeah.. i don't mind


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