Back.. to the rambling

So.. Back on a bus. Always travelling, from A to B. The everstrong change that surrounds my stable life. It’s been a week since I arrived, in a rush, because the world stopped for a moment to let a kid relax. His calls, I’ll miss. His future, I’ll never know. It’s not such a big deal, just one more pawn in the game. But it is, he was the one.

Charmed was cool as always, enjoyed spending time with him. A little bit too much I guess. He’s a cool friend. Annoying, but cool. I hope I helped in any way to carry the burden, because losing the person you love most in the world it’s not something I’ve been thru. I wish there was something that could’ve been done. But this is as final as it gets.

Time heals, we know that. But scars are always there to remind us of our mishaps. And hopefully to help us be wiser.

Jealousy is a facet of greedyness. Learn how to let go, that will help stop the pain. Nothing belongs to you, everything is universal.


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