Barquisimeto 2005

So.. yeah .. I haven’t been updating much. Lately I haven’t been feeling like writing, sometimes too much going on.. sometimes too little. But one thing is true.. I love . This last weekend I decided to go and visit, he lives around 300 kms away, so I took a bus and 5 hours later I was there.. after 3 years I see him again. So much memories. I stayed at his place, in his room… the same room where I used to spend months on end in 1997, when we still were boyfriends. I couldn’t help to want to hug him all the time. It was just too much for me. Like nothing had changed and I was there on one of my frequent visits.

But many things have changed, for one, he’s deeply in love with . Long story short, boy meets boy, boy fucks boy for the first time, boy falls in love with boy forever. And well.. I know there is no place in his heart for me, besides our deeply ingrained friendship, which as it is.. it’s extremely cool.

I enjoyed so much spending time with him. We talked and talked and talked and talked, we played CounterStrike (he was pwned), I owe getting a Wow account so I can play with him, we smoked like whores, we ate outside and at his place, although I don’t remember watching him eat. I stared at him so much, and we slept together, as in sleeping, although I got to hug him for hours and hours while he was sleeping, it’s incredible the enjoyment I obtain from that, for me it’s just priceless.

He was very reserved at times, not watching me while I removed my clothes, but I know he was doing it on purpose. Also not changing clothes in front of me and stuff like that. I guess for me time doesn’t pass the same as for others, and well.. I enjoyed. There were very tense moments as well, all because of our main topic of conversation, his ex boyfriend.

I’ve been interested in meeting his exbf for quite some time. For many reasons, and I know that took a toll on charmed and me cause the situation was not totally comfortable. Meeting him was totally cool and I enjoyed it a lot. I wish I had more time to get to know him a lot better, time will tell.

I love very much. Our friendship is stronger than ever and he’s my best friend. There’s not a lot more I could ask. Maybe to live in the same place, to share more time together IRL, and well.. maybe.. someday.. and stuff… be his husby stuff.

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