Well.. I’m almost packed ready to once again move across the world. This time isn’t as exciting as it’s been before, this time is to go back…. Back to where I came from. It’s funny how back is not a nice word. It evicts pictures of failure and unacomplishment. I hoped I could outrun my past, but it finally caught me. Naked and alone.

I feel alone. Usually I don’t feel that way. But today, I do. Promises, words and wishes. Made on a whim, vanished with time and got forgotten as easy as they were made. Words are cheap, action is cheap, what takes strenght and character is being able to be real and maintain it.

Will I ever find what I’m looking for? Will I ever know what I’m looking for? and if I find it .. will I appreciate it?

Noone will ever help me here… Time is the key.. and noone has time anymore.

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