So.. I guess here comes the asshole Luis, the one who’s supposed to be heartless..

I’m going away, and the “normal” thing to do is to throw me a bye bye party, right?

(talking about that, today I was reading about when some friends from Venezuela threw me a bye bye party when I was going away for college, amazing coincidence..? That post was from September 4th 2002)

So Roelo had the idea of getting all his friends together, and get them to sign a card and invite them all to a restaurant and surprise me…

Oh well, It thank him for his good intentions, I mean it was nice and all, I spoke like twice.. had two absoluts mandrin and duck confit.

Why all this is meaningless to me? Yes, I don’t enjoy going out with a bunch of people that I barely know and will never have any connection with, why? I just don’t know.. I’m bored of it, I’ve never enjoyed socializing, and I guess that throught the years I’ve discovered how meaningless and empty it has been.

But don’t get me wrong, I love friends, friendship is wonderful, but pleaaaaaaase dont insult me, these people are not my friends, nothing more further away from the truth. Friends are people that you share an special bond, people with whom you share something in common and don’t feel the need to fill the emptyness with more void.

I’m sleepy… was a nice dinner.. just nice.. I hate that word..


  1. I know exactly what you mean.
    We went out last night and I with my brother played pool so we wouldn’t have to hangout with the people that were there.

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