today ..

What I did today…

  • Kept playing with my debian distro, it’s so cool.. Now it’s running flawlessly with Apache, PHP, MySQL, Courier, Zencart, Samba and SWAT. The networking part rocks !
  • Spent most of the morning troubleshooting how to connect from Windows to Samba without having to modify my windows username (it contains one space and *nix doesn’t like spaces), I ended up making a new user account in Debian and did a “useraccount map -> luisaranguren = “Luis Aranguren”. 
  • Use PocketPutty on my PPC to connect to my debian distro running under vmware
  • Chatted a lot with a few people, including , LA (my ex), Pony, Jon, Luke
  • Ate sausage, garlicky mushrooms and avocado

Well.. gotta go ..

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