Back to the holy land…

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This is one of the most recent pictures I’ve got. I don’t look too bad. My hair is a lot longer now.. I love the feeling of long hair, although it’s very hard to keep tidy, and well.. I don’t spend too much time taking care of it.

I haven’t been posting at all here.. I guess I don’t feel like I got anything to say .. not much is going on in my life. In a little more than a month I will be moving back to Venezuela, mainly cause I can’t stand living with my friend anymore, maybe it’s not his fault, maybe it’s me . maybe I’ve gotten so used to be alone that I can’t interact with people anymore.. and you know what .. I don’t care.. 😀 . But yeah.. I’ve cut my trip short, not staying until june but going back y the end of march. Now I have to deal with arriving in a country that I don’t know anyone and I don’t have a place where to stay.. I guess I’ll be staying in a hotel for a couple of weeks until I find an apartment that I like.. I just don’t feel like spending US$60 (at least) a day for a crappy room when I could be spending that on the apartment’s rent.

I’m much better of the ear infection I had, I had a lot of pain one night, but it was alright, pain is kinda bearable when it’s only physical.