Today in the life



  • PhatNet for Pocket PC .- Packet Sniffer


  • Watched the 1st episode of Bewitched .- I was a fan of it when I was a kid, used to love to watch the reruns of it but I have never seen the 1st episode ever of it, so it was a rare treat. Totally cool.


  • Yesterday’s leftovers chicken satay skewers and salad (feta, greens, blasamic)


  • CounterStrike Source


Lately I’ve been trying to stream from my PC to my laptop full length movies and the such, It’s such and enourmous bandwidth that I’ve been having some problems with it. I’ve came with two solutions:

Transcode original movie on the fly wth VideoLAN (VLC, http codecs:WMV+MP3) on my windows XP and watch it on the pocket PC using Betaplayer.
File and Printer sharing on Windows XP, and Play it on Betaplayer.

The second solution is rather rough but plays sorta well on a network with enough bandwidth. I’m amazed a pocket PC has enough power to play a 640×480 movie compressed with Xvid+mp3.


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