(theme music)
Yup.. you’re right !!!
It’s that time again ..
kids of all ages gather round
cause the show it’s gonna start !!
Again, on it’s second season it’s …


mm…. well.. Let’s see..

Downloaded today’s episode of the Simpsons, the one about the gay marriage and the outed Simpson’s character who ended up being Patty Bouvier, Marge’s sister. Very good.. liked it a lot.

Watched “Myth Busters” on TV.. I like that show a lot.

Washed Dishes, and threw out the recycling bin containers.

Lately I’ve been watching another gay themed anime called Sukisyo, it’s currently playing in Japan and it’s on it’s 5th episode. I like anime a lot, specially funny kind.. I forget the name of that type of anime.

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