Well, now I’m in Brisbane living at Roelo’s place. After 6 months of living by myself, which I loved.

It’s been taking some adapting on this change, specially since his parents are staying here on vacation. Which is not bad, but I’m not used to be around so many people all the time.

So far we’ve been to Tamboorine Mountains and to Noosa Heads. Family oriented places to do family kinda things.

I haven’t been online at all. Chris has been all sad trying to convince me about how bad of an idea this move was. He’s sweet. I never thought he would be so heart broken.

I finally jacked off last night. OMG soo good, it’s been like a week. My cock was so hard I swear I could’ve hammer a nail with it.

Having this problem with eating foods it’s a pain in the butt I have to be so careful about what I eat. One slip and POW, I feel shitty.

The thought of my ex has crossed my mind a few times lately, maybe because my ex-ex met his ex a few days ago, and I guess I secretly wish that would happen to me as well, but I stopped talkiing to my ex 1 year ago, and I ain’t planning on talking to him again, it’s not worth it …

I got some xmas present… lets see..

Roelo gave me a 1 month gym membership, a backpack, a water bootle, a towel, a cap and two solarium sessions in his gym. Also I got a book from him with pics about friendship, I should check it out cause I haven’t seen it much.. lol… His mom and dad gave me a personalized desk calendar.

Yesterday I was thinking, my life is so funny. Like I’ve lived/stayed/slept at the house of so many people, I don’t know how I manage to do that, but I always end up sleeping at somebody’s home.

So.. the shit from the moving company should be arriving any day now. Can?t wait until I get my table and chair here, so I can finally set up my lappy and stop working on my PPC.

The other day I was reading about how people with ADD have problems reaching orgasms. I think that probably I take so long to cum cause maybe I can?t concentrate that well in enjoying the feelings. This is very interesting, I should investigate more on this matter.

So well, I will probably stay @ Roelo’s until around March or so.. and then go out of Australia to apply for permanent residency. So if anyone out there wanna gimme shelter for a few months, just feel free to offer, no need to be shy. I will make sure your good deed doesn’t go unrewarded *wink* *wink*.

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