Do you smell love?

I’m moving.. and I giving away some stuff.. like my $29.95 Fantastic Furniture chair.

[20:09] ⁿ: you’re gonna get the chair ?
[20:09] Luke: yeah
[20:09] Luke: I;ll take it too work, tis not far away
[20:09] ⁿ: ohh sweet !!
[20:09] ⁿ: That’s cool
[20:10] ⁿ: No smelling the chair
[20:10] Luke: LOL
[20:10] Luke: y not??
[20:10] ⁿ: cause I sat there naked a lot
[20:10] ⁿ: cause it’s too perv
[20:10] Luke: ooohhhhhh
[20:10] Luke: hehehe

I can bet my life that he’s gonna smell it

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