Damn… I peed my pants in the Miami security check point, these guys were going thru my bags when one of them pulled my hideo wakamatsu bag, opened it, pulled out one of the 4 cd folders that were in it, and proceeded to read the labels of the cds. Of course smart as I am all the cds were labeled as “Warez XX” plus a list of some of the programs in each cd. Actually I seldom use those cds anymore, with new versions of everything coming out so fast, everytime I need something I just download it. Damn, I turned all colors until the guy put the cd folders back in the bag.

After that went thru security, and of course with 2 laptops and a carry on stuffed with electronics the searched my ass in and out. Hope the same doesn’t happen in Los Angeles.

Damn, this coach seat sucks, it’s like so small even for me, I can’t understand how normal people fit in them.

Last night I went to sleep pretty late, I think it was like 5:30 am or so and ended up waking up at 8:45 am, so I’m pretty tired, I guess I will have more than my goodnight sleep on the plane from LAX to MEL.

I had a nice chat with charmed last night.

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