Last night it was different from what I’m used to lately. José I. invited me to go and visit him. So well.. I went and he wanted to go around for a ride. After I arrived I realized he wanted to go and visit some guy in south beach. I was bummed cause I he didn’t told me so but I was just happy going out for a change and just went along. We went to Collins and 40something and picked up this guy in cowboy hat. He looks kinda nice and we kinda looked at each other a few times thru the rear view mirror. We ended up walking all over Lincoln and Washington trying to find a sushi place that was open at 3 am, though luck we couldn’t find any. In the end José ended up ordering some stuff from McD and we all ended up going to the beach, we sat on some benches and talked for a while. Then one thing lead to another and we all three were kissing each other in the benches. We did that for what seems hours, was fun. After that we dropped the guy and he said that if I wanted to hang out, i should ask Jose for his phone number, I think he liked the way i kissed. When I dropped Jose he asked me if I wanted to come in, but It was 6am so I decided to come back home.

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