Mercury ?

Well… a new hint of hope..

Today I got my results from the hair analysis test I got done like a couple months ago. It shows that I have a high level of mercury in my body. This is funny, because a lot of the symptoms I have are the same ones that people have when afflicted with high levels of Mercury.

“Mercury has a detrimental effect on every organ system in the body. The brain and central nervous system are major targets for mercury poisoning. Initial mercury poisoning symptoms may include vague psychological and behavioral disturbances such as short term memory loss, mood swings, anxiety, depression, fits of anger, irritability, indecision, excitability, fatigue, headaches, nightmares or more severe personality disorders. ”

“Hg can suppress biological selenium function and may cause or contribute to immune dysregulation in sensitive individuals. Hallmark symptoms of excess Hg include: loss of appetite, decreased senses of touch, hearing, and vision, fatigue, depression,
emotional instability, peripheral numbness and tremors, poor memory and cognitive dysfunction, and neuromuscular disorders. Hair Hg has been reported to correlate with acute myocardial infarction and on average each 1 µg/g of hair Hg was found to correlate with a 9% increase in AMI risk (Circulation 1995; 91:645-655).”

“Mercury vapor from dental amalgam fillings can cause many of the symptoms of ADHD. Mercury toxicity in mothers can cause learning disabilities, autism (more on page 2), and ADHD in unborn children by fast placental transfer and could explain the explosion in learning and behavioral problems since World War II when mercury was first used in dentistry. Symptoms of mercury toxicity include irritability, anxiety, restlessness, memory and attention problems, confusion, and loss of coordination. In addition, vaccines ranging from childhood inoculations to flu shots contain dangerous levels of mercury.”

Well, now on another quest for goodness, remove my amalgam dental fillings, and get toxic metal detox, and hope all this blur will be gone.a

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