Maybe you’ll find it stupid.. like doing a test in cosmopoli

Maybe you’ll find it stupid.. like doing a test in cosmopolitan .. won’t help.. won’t work.. you’ll say
I went to this website
and did this test
and got this Self Assessment Results:

Clinical depression is not something you can just “will away” or “talk yourself out of.” While no standardized test can tell for sure if what you’re feeling is, in fact, depression, your responses suggest that you’re in much more pain than you need to be. Depression is very treatable—and the sooner you seek help, the sooner you’ll feel relief. Consider discussing some of what you’re feeling with a physician (what looks like depression can be caused by such things as physical ailments, medication side-effects, or hormonal shifts) and/or sharing your concerns with a professional therapist.

If you are having any thoughts about suicide, please click here.

Use the 4therapy Therapist Locator to find help now.

Does this means I have clinical depression, or is just a bunch of crock and I should forget the whole think and keep living my life?

you tell me..