***WARNING*** This post contains very disturbing contents, p

This post contains very disturbing contents, please DO NOT READ IT.
If you still wish to read it, we give a fuck what you think.
The manager

I am sad. I’ve been thinking that I might not acomplish anything in my life anyways, and just living for the heck of it is a big waste of time. So I’ve came to the decision of finishing it all. Tonight, at exactly 1am, I will fill the bathtub with warm water, sprinkle some potpurri in the bathroom floor, fill a glass with some prosecco and slowly get naked. On a second though, i better not be naked for when help arrives.

It’s gonna be fast and simple, not as exciting as I’ve thought before, but what the heck. It’s not a fucking contest, and my life has been lame enough, so who cares.

I’ve came to this conclusion after giving it a lot of thought, I’m an imbecile. (FUCK YOU). and fuck this shit.

the house.