So this last weekend I went out again. I went to Shinjuku, it’s the gay area in Tokyo. I met with Roelo at Makuhari (although I had to meet him a day later than I expected cause I had puter problems here at work) and from there we went to Tokyo.

It was kinda weird, cause when I arrived to the hotel a girl from the staff asked me, are you Mr. Luis. And then told me there was a message for me. Roelo was expecting me in some of his friend’s room cause he had checked out of his room already. I went to the room number they gave me and there was Roelo with this girl-friend. Pretty weird girl, and she was kinda fat.. and .. fat girls and me don’t get along too well.. Unless it’s Belen.. *giggles*

gotta go for dinner…


Back from dinner..

So I was having dinner and this guy that looks VERY gay starts talking to me, I’ve heard that there is a guy from Peru working in the hotel, and I was kinda sure it was him, but since I’m kinda shy, and he’s kinda not my type I really didn’t wanted to approach him. So we start talking to me, and telling me he lived here and there and he’s been living in Japan for the last several years. He asked me 4 times to go to the hotel bar cause he works there… I’ll go and see what happens..

So back to my story.. I met Roelo’s fat friend, and *think* *i’ll better say good things and stop complaining* .. so .. was an uneventful day.. we went to the Roppongi area (where hetero party) and then to Shinjuku (where gay party). We looked around, and we went to this alternative clothing store, WOW .. Amazing.. They had clothing for every lifestyle, punk, gothic, raver, and some others I don’t know the names. But everything was so like MEGA expensive, I couldn’t help to buy 3 shirts, each one was like $80 🙁 although Roelo offered to pay for them 😀 . We went back to the hotel room and we changed.

Finally we went back to the Shinjuku area, had a nice dinner, after went to drink, danced for a while, but it had this sleazy bar ambience that I really don’t like. So at like 3am we went back to the hotel room, and well.. he stated rubbing me.. and of course.. I get hard in 2ms .. so .. I ended up being bottom !! YAY !! 😀 ..

The next day we went walked around and went to a bookstore, wow I saw amazing japanese food recipe books, didn’t bought any though… but I finally got my Harry Potter 3. Walked some more, went to Harajuku, it’s a shopping area has a shrine and lots of girls dressed in weird manner. Then went to the Shrine, was funny to look at Roelo dragging his wheelie suitcase all around the shrine.

The train system in here is amazing, it’s like everything is connected ..

In the afternoon went back to Makuhari where Roelo has his hotel room and we HAD finally a talk, I told him about how I feel, and that I was not feeling butterflies, he took it extremely well, so well that I was surpised. I felt a LOT better, my mood totally changed… it was so obvious that I was relieved, i felt a lot better, catched the trains and came back home… I had to change trains in sobe, in chiba, and in narita and then catch a bus ..

geez.. seems like a long trip.

This is a followup on my question from a few weeks ago. I as

This is a followup on my question from a few weeks ago. I asked if it would be a good idea to have sex on the first date.

Well.. my first date was kinda weird cause I had to sleep over (different cities), and since I’d been sex deprived for the last two years waiting on a decision (read my journal for more info) from my ex-boyfriend (3 year relationship+2 year waiting). So, well.. we ended up having sex, and of course with me being sex deprived well things got wild. One week later we are still friends and all is progressing somewhere, but, now that I look to the past, I think it was a VERY bad idea. Why? .. Well just cause, I realized after having sex that I am not attracted to him physically that much (at first I was confused and I was still asking myself if I was attracted or not) , and although the sex was ok, specially the wild 1st night, he assumed I was attracted to him and if I hadn’t talk with him about my feelings he could’ve been seriously hurt, also he could’ve though I used him for sex, also he told me I made kinda a bad impression on him cause I went really wild that first night, so he thought I was kinda slutty.

I didn’t know him, and of course I can make a decision of whether to sleep with someone or not in a few minutes, but of course your decision will be based on very few facts, and mostly on first impressions. It’s like going out to buy a car, you can buy the first one you see, or you can take your time and try a few and make your decision based on facts (of course the average gay boyfriend lasts less than the average car), but a car does not fuck you in the butt.

So, after being there are doing that, my advice will be:

If you wanna have sex, don’t make up excuses, just find someone with the same interest and hook up with.

If you want a LTR. Go out, date, get to know people. Make your research and then after you get to be friends with the people that you consider a possible candidate. Then decide based on facts.

If you want a LTR and have sex at the same time, wait until you get the LTR and then start the sex.

so all this leads to my next posting….