Roelo !

I’m really excited about this guy I’m gonna meet. He’s very smart, cute (on some of the pics so far), nice, caring, successful, romantic. I haven’t met him yet, and we were talking about living together and such things. What strikes me the most is the similarities we have in how we have lived our lifes and what are our expectations of a relationship. For example we were talking about I was down cause my ex had told me that he had moved on, and I said.. “I want a boyfriend” to which he responded, I want a husband. That is exactly the way I’ve always thought, “husband” … and mostly everyone in my past have laughted at that idea.

The plan is on saturday I will leave early from work and then I will go to his city, called Makuhari, we’re going to have dinner at Outback Steakhouse and then maybe go to his hotel to watch a movie, I haven’t seen him live yet, but he looks harmless, and really a candidate for a LTR. I’m afraid that if I like him, I’m REALLY horny.. I mean.. 2 years of horniness accumulated.. and I don’t wanna spoil this.. well. hope I like him.. cause usually I don’t like the people I go out with.

This is his link on gaydar. Please.. Post NO COMMENTS about him before Saturday. and be sure to check ALL THE pics, cause the first one is kinda not very flattering.